Reception Interiors

After paging through countless magazines and websites for ideas, we decided on a simple royal blue & white theme. Blue has always been one of my favourite colours anyway, so that worked out perfectly :)

With the help of Rose Chair Decor and our talented friends, the reception room was transformed into a beautiful backdrop for the evening.

The favours actually took longer than expected to get done. We debated between different choices, or the idea of giving back to our preferred charities. In the end, we went with small mason jars of marshmallows & hot chocolate to thank our guests for creating “sweet” memories with us. Another bonus, by chance - one of the photo cards we did from the Taiwan engagement shoot last year had a blue and white theme! We were able to incorporate those with the thank you cards, printed locally by Club Card.

Some of you may remember, I talked about my wedding cake in one of the earlier posts. Natalie of &sweets made us this delicious cupcake tower. Tastes just as good as it looks ;)

Afternoon Fun

After the ceremony and some mingling with the guests at the cocktail hour, the wedding party had to freshen up before the afternoon shoot.

We actually didn’t really have a set location in mind for this shoot, since there wasn’t much time before the reception started for us to drive anywhere far. The plan was just to take a couple shots near the site entrance, or perhaps walk down the road to see if there were any photo-worthy spots. Luckily, one of our videographers (from the amazing team at Life Studios) convinced the shop staff to lend us a couple carts to go onto the greens for a short while.

What ensued was a whole lot of fun! We started off with the guys at the wheel, and then decided to switch it up. I was a bit apprehensive since I’m kind of a bad driver.. but after picking it up, I did not let him drive again ;)

We were actually out there for quite some time (or so it seems), just zooming up and down the green, driving in endless circles until that perfect shot could be taken.

Of course, we attempted those popular jumping shots, which turned out pretty well eh? I think these were among some of my favourite photos from that day!

I don’t remember who came up with the idea now, but someone thought it would be fun to try a flying in mid-air kiss. As you can see, first attempt was a bit of a fail - apparently my thin frame was not so light that day..

Nonetheless, we managed to hold it just long enough for the shot to make it into the SDE video :)

The Ceremony

It was such a beautiful day with sunny skies. We were a bit worried about the weather at first since it was cloudy/rainy a few days before, but it actually turned out to be one of those scorching heat kinda day, so much so that I ended up with a very noticeable shoulder burn after the morning shoot.

Our ceremony was held outdoors at Mayfair Lakes. Since it was surrounded by natural beauty with all those flowers and plants already, we decided to go with minimal decoration and just used hanging mason jars of delphiniums, lisianthus and dusty miller (all gorgeous bouquets/arrangements by Garden Party Flowers).

With all our loved ones there, the whole place done up and the music playing softly in the back, it was quite an emotional time (as evident by some of the photos).

I was surprisingly calm during the walk down the aisle, but I think it was partly because I got the tears out of my system already in the moments before we walked out onto the site ;)

Everything went by smoothly and so quickly.. and before you know it, I was officially a Mrs :)

Door Games

The fun and often hilarious part of Chinese weddings - door games!


Long story short, the boys are put through a series of tests by the girls, before the groom can get his bride. Yes, the games are usually set-up for failure, so the boys can be punished (see below). Groom gotta work for it ;)


never too early in the day for a lap dance (or 5)


showing off some sexy lingerie


the “tastes of life”



oh, the intensity.. 


of course, the punishment


singing (Jason Derulo’s Marry Me) his way up the stairs


and, success ^^

Tea Ceremony Decor, and more..

Morning festivities that day started with some decorating and prepping for the tea ceremony.

I didn’t get much sleep the night before, and woke up way too early. Thank you to the power of make-up… and of course, my talented artist Cathy and her team!

Smiles all around, ready for the big day! :)